Nepal to send peacekeepers to Syria

111111_nepalun[Nepal’s state army has not only served in Afghanistan with the imperialist forces of occupation, but now they will be serving in Syria with the UN. This would not be particularly noteworthy except that the military of Nepal have been integrating Maoist military forces into their ranks since November 2011. Whatever their nominal mission, the buildup of UN forces in Syria — given the international climate — is not a good thing. It is the kind of thing that communists should be opposing Just because you fl a red flag does not make you a communist. — NP]

Nepal to send peacekeepers to Syria


Kathmandu: Nepal Thursday decided to send Nepali peacekeepers under the UN flag to Syria to help in the establishment of peace and order.

The decision was taken by the council of ministers, Xinhua quoted Minister for Foreign Affairs Madhav Prasad Ghimire as saying.

“We had received a request from the UN to send peace troops to Syria. We gave a nod to the proposal,” Ghimire said. The first batch of Nepali Army personnel, 130 in total, will be deployed in July to be joined again by 130 soldiers in September.

Nepali troops will be a part of the UN Supervision Mission in Syria. The Mission was set up in 2012 in line with the UN Security Council Resolution 2,043.

As of today, more than 100,000 Nepali soldiers have worked in the UN’s international peace missions since 1950s.


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  1. Revisionists are a cancer that kill our movement from within. A knife in the back will kill you as quickly as a knife in your heart. Any movement of any significance will have its revisionist traitors.

    1. The leaders here have always pushed discussion of revisionism away from individuals into discussions where the topics are systems or collective interests. This is a good point methodologically because it is better to err on one side than another. Better to err overemphasizing the role of the system than err with crass individualism. I feel questions have been put off by almost all these Maoists. This is why I identify with LLCO. Leading Light has opened the can of worms. While rejecting a crass view that boils revisionism down to age or psychology, it must enter into it at some level even if we do not know how to explain it. People are people too. There should be a discussion of the human side. What saves the revolution can be its heart, but that open the doors to destruction..

  2. Basically the reason Revisionists arise in the Communist movement is due to the fact social consciousness always lags behind social change. Therefore the bourgeois mentality survives even after the old bourgeoisie is done away with and tends to generate a new bourgeoisie that hides itself under a Communist cloak.

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