Hamas denounces EU decision to keep it on terror list

["Resistance is not terrorism." Of course the imperialists don't see it that way. -Uziel] Gaza City (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) - Hamas on Friday denounced a European Union decision to keep the Palestinian Islamist group and de facto Gaza Strip ruler on its terrorism blacklist, despite a court ordering its removal. "This decision completely contradicts the... Continue Reading →

Israeli house strikes killed mostly civilians

[This piece points out that the Palestinian victims of Israeli aggression are mainly civilians.  It is rare to see a western, mainstream news outlet make such a report.  While the Associated Press has traditionally been viewed as one of the few sources in the mainstream western media that isn't blatantly pro-Israel, one can hope that... Continue Reading →

UN warns Israel against relocating Bedouins

[Same old story. More Israeli genocide of Palestine, paid for by the USA -- NP] UN warns Israel against relocating Bedouins (AlJeezera) The United Nations relief and works agency for Palestine has urged the international community to block Israeli plans to relocate thousands of Palestinian Bedouin from the central West Bank, in fear the move... Continue Reading →


EDWARD SAID'S DIARY ON MEETING SARTRE, DE BEAUVOIR AND FOUCAULT((http://www.lrb.co.uk/v22/n11/edward-said/diary)The following are quotes from Edward Said's diary  on meeting Sarte, De Beauvior, and Foucault. Said was very disappointed with the French intellectuals, especially Sarte and Foucault's support for Israel and De Beauvior's First Worldist feminism. The following is from Said's diary:Once the most celebrated intellectual, Jean-Paul... Continue Reading →

Holocaust survivors condemn Israel for ‘Gaza massacre,’ call for boycott

Holocaust survivors condemn Israel for 'Gaza massacre,' call for boycott By Haaretz In response to Elie Wiesel advertisement comparing Hamas to Nazis, 327 Jewish Holocaust survivors and descendants publish New York Times ad accusing Israel of 'ongoing massacre of the Palestinian people.' Hundreds of Holocaust survivors and descendants of survivors have signed a letter, published... Continue Reading →

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