We are not going back to jungle: Ram Bahadur Thapa

[Recently, there was another “left” split in the United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), CPN(M), is said to have formed as a response to reformism and electoralism of the UCPN(M). However, it is unclear that the political line of the CPN(M) is any less reformist. Recent statements by the new party are electoral in orientation. While many in the Western Maoist movement have sought to hitch their wagon to the split in the hopes that it represents a return to militancy, the new party itself, the CPN(M), seems to be distancing itself from a return to people’s war-style militancy. While we hope for such a return, we have expressed our doubts for a long time. Going forward with revolution requires scientific clarity and leadership. We do not see such clarity or leadership within the Maoist movement there at present. We hope genuine Leading Lights arise in Nepal to lead the people there. –New Power]

We are not going back to jungle: Ram Bahadur Thapa

(Source: MyRepublica.com)

SINDHUPALCHOWK, Aug 8: General Secretary of newly-formed CPN-Maoist, Ram Bahadur Thapa, said on Wednesday that they were not going back to jungles to start another insurgency.

He said the rumor about his party again raising arms was spread by UCPN (Maoist) leaders and claimed that his party would rather send the leaders of his former party to jungle.

“We are not returning to jungle at any cost,” Thapa told reporters after inaugurating an office building of his party at Chautara on Wednesday. “The UCPN (Maoist) is a party of looters. So they need to be sent to jungle instead,” he said.

He explained that war was essential in a particular situation but the current state of affairs didn´t require any war.

He also disclosed that CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidya, during his China visit, was asked by Chinese leaders about their plan to go underground. Thapa claimed that it was only due to rumors spread by UCPN (Maoist) party.

He informed that his party is laying ground works for registering the new party at the Election Commission and that it was delayed due to Baidya´s China visit.

He reiterated that his party would be open for unification with its old party if UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai were ready to correct themselves on some issues such as the issue of national interest.

He accused Dahal and Bhattarai of committing blunders by signing the BIPPA with India and becoming ready to award a contract to an Indian company for construction and renovation of 15 airports in Nepal.

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