If you are not carrying your burden, you are making others lift more

If you are not carrying your burden, you are making others lift more


The capitalist system is a nightmare. It is time to wake up. It is time to really make a change.

If you are not carrying your weight, then what are you doing? You are shifting the burden onto others. It is easy to declare oneself a “communist,” it is another to act. Being a real revolutionary means upholding the most advanced, scientific line, the Leading Light line. It means educating and training yourself. It means getting serious. It means real unity, real discipline. It means making some sacrifice for the organization. We are on this long march. Some are doing the heavy lifting. Some are helping. Some are just watching, on the sidelines. There are lots of things to overcome. Individualism and ego are a big part of the First World way of life. Those who are on the sidelines need to begin sharing the burden.

Organization. Discipline. Sacrifice. Donation. Small steps will lead to great leaps. We are on our way, but it is your turn to help — even if it is a little. Helping, acting, donation is a regular part of revolutionary work. Stand up. Begin helping. Red Salute!

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