Five points regarding the August chemical attack in Syria

full_37ce0f32-b34f-45e4-a6ed-14cff6d1f603Five points regarding the August chemical attack in Syria


Throughout the Syrian conflict there have been several accusations of gas attacks. The largest of these was the allegation of the gas attack on August 21st in the suburbs of Damascus. Immediately, without investigation, the Western states and media declared that the Assad regime was behind this attack. There was a chorus for direct intervention by the West against the Assad regime. Several military ships have been sent closer toward Syria. And Western bases in surrounding countries, especially Jordan, have been more active. The Western states have declared that they will strike soon. We have no way of knowing the nature of the attacks.  However, imperialist intervention is not the solution to the problems in Syria. The problems in Syria have been caused, in part, by too much imperialist intervention already. Several points should be considered regarding the recent gas attack.

1. In January, 2013, it was reported that leaked documents showed that the Obama administration planned a chemical attack the Syrian population. They then planned to blame it on the Assad regime in order to justify intervention. According to the documents, the attack would involve foreign fighters from Qatar. (1) It is also reported that the United States had been providing chemical training in Jordan. (2) (3) And, just prior to the attack, the United States had sent several hundred fighters into Syria from its base in Jordan. (4) (5) There is a long history of “false flag” attacks used to justify wars. The attacks in the Gulf of Tonkin during the Vietnam War were staged attacks used to justify further intervention against Vietnam.

2. Turkish media reports that opposition forces have been caught with chemical weapons in Turkey. (6) Syrian media has reported the discovery of numerous chemical weapon factories and depots in opposition hands. The opposition has openly bragged about their chemical capability.  Syrian opposition posted videos on Youtube using chemical weapons on rabbits. In one video, they declare that all Alawite people will meet the fate of the dead rabbit in the video. (7) Other videos and images appear to show opposition fighters using chemical weapons. (8) After the August 21st attack, Syrian state media reported that the military discovered underground tunnels stocked with chemical materials marked with the “KSA,” Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, logo.

3. The massive gas attack reportedly occurred in the Damascus suburbs at 3 pm, August 21. Yet, images of the attack were uploaded to Youtube a day before the reported attack. (9) This undermines the credibility of the mainstream narrative.

4. Experts and others close to the events continue to  expressed doubt regarding the attacks. (10) (11) Russian experts have concluded that the rebels were most likely behind all the attacks. Kurdish PYD leader doubts that Assad would be “so stupid” as to use chemical weapons on his own population. (12) UN experts declared that earlier attacks were the work of the opposition, not the regime. (13)

5. The alleged attack in the Damascus suburbs occurred only a few blocks away from the hotel of the UN weapons inspectors who were in Syria to investigate earlier alleged incidents. Almost immediately, Assad opened up the area to UN inspectors. Yet the Western media and states declared that not only was the regime not moving fast enough, but they declared the regime guilty prior to any investigation. Before experts had a chance to examine evidence, Western state and media sources declared that Assad’s regime was behind the attack. This raises the issue: why would the military use chemical weapons against its own population when it is winning the war? Why would the military use chemical weapons so close, literally blocks away, from the UN inspectors? The timing and location do not make sense.

Whether there was an attack or not, whoever is behind it, such a chemical attack does not justify further imperialist intervention in Syria. Further imperialist intervention will only cause more chaos and bloodshed. The United States is the greatest trafficker of weapons and violence in the world. Unfortunately, few voices of dissent are heard in the mainstream Western media now. The West has reached its conclusion. The West intends to further escalate the chaos and bloodshed. Leading Lights stand against imperialist attacks on the Third World.




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  1. I disagree that few voices of dissent are being heard in the West. One simply needs to look at recent poll to see that an overwhelming majority of Americans are opposed to striking Syria. Further, critics such as Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) have received considerable amounts of air time on mainstream news channels. That so many people are against this war/limited strikes shows that people are waking up. The LLCO traditionally asserts americans will always support war. This time, people are saying a big fat “NO” to war. There may be all kinds of reasons for opposing the war, First Worldist reasons for sure – such as an increase in the price of gas, but the fact is Americans are actually going against the wishes of their own imperialist class. That’s something.

    1. At the time, the mainstream media was gearing up for intervention. CNN even had the big graphic maps, as though war was a football game. Things changed as the debate went before Congress. You are correct that we are hearing more and more opposition now.

      Americans in general support imperialism because it is in their interests to do so. Imperialism can take many forms, not simply war. Americans are rejecting what they see as another costly war in the Middle East. They are hardly doing so for humanitarian reasons on the whole. They do so because they see it as in their interest to not get involved. The policy makers are themselves very divided on the issue, which is why Obama is waffling and delaying.

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