US-Trained Troops Shoot Honduran Students Protesting Privatization

[Honduran troops recently shot several students on a university campus who were protesting the privatization of healthcare and education that is taking place under the presidency of Juan Orlando Hernández. Fortunately, none of the students were killed, but some are still in the hospital. In Honduras, a country that suffers from rampant corruption, a majority of the population lives in extreme poverty, and the privatization of healthcare and education essentially means denying most Hondurans access to these things. The right-wing president Juan Orlando Hernández has the full backing of the United States, which supported a coup in 2009 against the sitting president Manuel Zelaya whose left-wing policies were unacceptable to the US imperialists. Now Honduras is described by many as a dictatorship where a small minority enrich themselves at the expense of the vast majority, using extremely brutal means to enforce their kleptocratic rule. The solution to poverty in Honduras is to organize for revolution against the capitalist-imperialist system. Only socialism can provide a better future for the people of Honduras and the world. As Mao said, “Without a people’s army, the people have nothing.” —Medved]

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