Hurricane Matthew: Caribbean in the Cross-hairs!

[As Hurricane Matthew gains strength it is important to remember how these extreme weather events caused by global warming effect people from Third World nations.  Many have expressed concern for Haiti in particular. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It has been the victim of the most US military interventions in history.... Continue Reading →


Water Crisis in India: The Oppressed must Unite against the Enemies of our Planet!

[Water is key to life! Without fresh water we are doomed! Through pollution, climate change, and over-consumption, fresh water is becoming more and more scarce.  In the article below we can see how the oppressed in India have mistakenly turned against each other in the fight for water. It is important that the oppressed maintain... Continue Reading →

Red Hack deletes debts

Red Hack deletes debts [via Global Revolution LIVE] RedHack_En deletes everyone’s late utility bills. Google translation The hackers also renamed several public schools after people who died during the Turkish protests. Original Links in Turkish Hurriyet Sol Haber

Pyramid in Peru torn down by developers

[Capitalism bulldozes ancient culture to make way for shopping malls -- NP] Pyramid in Peru torn down by developers (Guardian) Real estate developers using heavy machinery tore down a 20ft (6m) tall pyramid at one of Peru's oldest archaeological sites, cultural officials have said. Rafael Varon, deputy minister of cultural patrimony, told reporters on Wednesday... Continue Reading →

Banner Design Contest

Banner Design Contest ( Here is a way to to help the cause. New Power needs a new look. We need a new banner.  Here are some rules. 1. The banner must fit the top area of this blog currently occupied by the cropped Vietnamese propaganda poster. 2. It should say "New Power" and "News... Continue Reading →

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