Red Hack deletes debts

Red Hack deletes debts [via Global Revolution LIVE] RedHack_En deletes everyone’s late utility bills. Google translation The hackers also renamed several public schools after people who died during the Turkish protests. Original Links in Turkish Hurriyet Sol Haber

Pyramid in Peru torn down by developers

[Capitalism bulldozes ancient culture to make way for shopping malls -- NP] Pyramid in Peru torn down by developers (Guardian) Real estate developers using heavy machinery tore down a 20ft (6m) tall pyramid at one of Peru's oldest archaeological sites, cultural officials have said. Rafael Varon, deputy minister of cultural patrimony, told reporters on Wednesday... Continue Reading →

Banner Design Contest

Banner Design Contest ( Here is a way to to help the cause. New Power needs a new look. We need a new banner.  Here are some rules. 1. The banner must fit the top area of this blog currently occupied by the cropped Vietnamese propaganda poster. 2. It should say "New Power" and "News... Continue Reading →

AP IMPACT: Al-Qaida carves out own country in Mali

[Al Qaida-type organizations play different roles in different locations. In some places, they play an anti-imperialist role, in others, they end up aiding the imperialists. In Libya, for example, the radical Sunni Jihadis ended up aligned with the West against Gaddafi. In other places, they have resisted imperialism, Afghanistan for example. This is the problem... Continue Reading →

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