We Weep for Haiti: Cholera Rips Through Countryside

_67486496_hi010474779[A few weeks ago we discussed the dangers facing Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. We now find that Haitian society is in complete collapse. Foreign aid trickles in, people are so desperate they loot food right off the ships. In Haiti, having too much food puts you in danger even if you plan to share it. Now a cholera outbreak is ripping through the countryside. At the beginning of the clip we can see President Obama and the Media brag about America’s role in helping the people of Haiti. However, as we clearly see in the video, it is only a handful of decent Americans struggling to help a dying people ignored by the Imperialists! We must remember, that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti has been the victim of the most US military interventions than any other nation. Haiti only paid off its “debt” to France in 1947 for daring to rebel! This disaster lies solely at the feet of Imperialists! Shame! -El Condor]

Cholera Outbreak Rips Through Haiti Following Hurricane Matthew


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