Washington’s war on Haiti and the neocolonial charity-industrial complex – with Kim Ives (video)

[The Haitian Revolution of 1791 was the largest and most successful slave revolt, culminating in Haiti’s independence from France in 1804. However, to this day, the Caribbean nation continues to be subjugated to imperialists — the United States and France in particular. From the ousting of the popular, democratically elected and anti-imperialist government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide by a U.S.-backed coup, twice — to the 2010 earthquake which saw NGO’s such as the Clinton Foundation and Oxfam exploiting the disaster and hindering the already impoverished country — Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton discuss with Kim Ives the history of U.S. meddling in Haiti. Furthermore, Blumenthal et al discuss the predatory nature of these NGO’s and how they assist in the expansion of U.S. capital and its imperial prerogative. Humanitarian pretexts for imperialist interventions are not new; modern-day imperialist propaganda draws on Liberal idealism, as seen during the time of the 2010 earthquake, which elevates the mission of aggressors and masks their colonial history with “social justice” language. Watch more in the video below.  –Janelle]

“Washington’s war on Haiti and the neocolonial charity-industrial complex”

By Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton, featuring Kim Ives

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