Maoists had enough with Communism, now say Nepal to go capitalist

[We at LLCO were the first to really call out the revisionism in Nepal's Maoist movement and Prachanda Path. We told you so. While all kinds of fake communists failed to call them out, we took the correct line. That is what scientific thinking is, willingness to use revolutionary science, Leading Light Communism, even when... Continue Reading →

KKKolumbus Day should be abolished

KKKolumbus Day should be abolished ( Columbus Day occurs around October 12th,  the day that Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas. In the United States, it is celebrated on the second Monday in October. It is celebrated on other, similar days across the hemisphere. Columbus Day represents oppression, racism, imperialism, white supremacy. Columbus Day should... Continue Reading →

Support the growing anti-American protests in the Muslim world

Support the growing anti-American protests in the Muslim world ( Leading Light Communist Organization supports the growing tide of anti-American sentiment, protests and actions throughout the Muslim world. Although the initial spark for the protests and actions appears to be a  sensationalist, vulgar, anti-Islamic film made in the United States, the anti-imperialist anger that drives... Continue Reading →


911 ( On September 11th, 2001, the United States was dramatically attacked. Both towers of the World Trade Center, a symbol of American economic power, were hit by two passenger jets that were used as missiles. The Pentagon, symbol of American military power, was hit by another. Another passenger plane, presumably to be used as... Continue Reading →

On May Day and Occupy in the USA

On May Day and Occupy in the USA (  On the first of May, many people celebrate International Workers’ Day or May Day. Even though the day has not always been widely celebrated in the United States, its origins trace back to labor struggles there. May Day commemorates the victims of the Haymarket Massacre in... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day Orientation

International Women’s Day Orientation ( First Worldist feminism is a major stumbling block for many on their way to Leading Light consciousness. Those who want revolution want a better world without any systematic oppression, including gender oppression or sexual oppression. So they want to address injustice and inequality in their everyday lives. They want to... Continue Reading →

Orientation toward Occupy

Orientation toward Occupy 


The Occupy protests continue to dwindle in the Unites States. This is expected. The weather has played a role. It is harder to organize in the winter. The police repression has played a role. The inability of the Democrats to fully co-opt Occupy  has resulted in Occupiers losing their status as... Continue Reading →

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