Bahrain convicts 6 of Twitter insults

[The US-backed dictatorship in Bahrain has brutally attacked protesters. The United States claims to stand for democracy in Syria, but supports the brutal attacks on the masses in Bahrain. Just goes to show that so-called "human rights" and "democracy" are just rhetoric. What matters to the imperialists is advancing the interests of imperialists.  -- NP]... Continue Reading →

Bahrain: regime causes serious injuries among pro-democracy protesters / Photos

[The dictatorial monarchy in Bahrain is supported and propped up by the United States and its Gulf allies. It is a sectarian dictatorship ruled by a monarch who belongs to the minority Sunni population. The majority of the population is Shia. The Shia there experience discrimination and repression. They have risen up to demand democratic... Continue Reading →

Bahrain detains 6 over anti-government tweets

[The United States and other imperialists claim to support democracy in Libya and Syria where they have ripped those countries apart by supporting bloody civil wars. However, in Bahrain, the United States supports the crackdown on dissent. This is because the imperialists do not care at all about civil rights They care about their own... Continue Reading →

Stop the killing of the children of Bahrain

Stop the killing of the children of Bahrain ( The United States is almost completely silent on the killing of the Shia majority protesters by the dictatorship in Bahrain. In fact, the United States and its allies support the dictatorship there. At the same time that the United States claims to support "democracy" in Syria,... Continue Reading →

Bahrain police shoot dead Shiite teenager

[The United States continues to support the murderous dictatorship in Bahrain while at the same time the United States claims to champion so-called 'democracy' in Syria. The reality is that the United States opposes democracy in both places. The United States opposes real democracy worldwide. -- New Power] Bahrain police shoot dead Shiite teenager (AFP)... Continue Reading →

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