Bahrain detains 6 over anti-government tweets

no_twitter[The United States and other imperialists claim to support democracy in Libya and Syria where they have ripped those countries apart by supporting bloody civil wars. However, in Bahrain, the United States supports the crackdown on dissent. This is because the imperialists do not care at all about civil rights They care about their own power and economic interests. Hypocrisy. — NP]

Bahrain detains 6 over anti-government tweets


MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) — The public prosecutor’s office in Bahrain says six people have been detained for allegedly defaming the country’s ruler on Twitter.

The six, who were not identified, join a growing list of anti-government activists caught up in an Internet crackdown by authorities in the Sunni-ruled Gulf nation.

Bahrain has seen nearly two years of unrest over demands by the country’s majority Shiites for a greater political voice.

The six were detained over the past couple of days and the prosecutor’s statement Wednesday said they will be charged with misusing Twitter and insulting King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

The arrests come two days after a court acquitted rights activist Yousef al-Muhafedha of spreading false news on Twitter. He is one of dozens to face charges for posting comments on social media.

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