Red and Black Salamander on the Radical Anarchist Language Police


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  1. This is funny, but the thing is that the First Worldist pseudo-left that engages in such diversionary pretend radicalism would never actually carry AK47s. They are the cowardly lion crowd. Tumblr and Facebook is not the storm center of the world revolution.

    1. This was in response to the drama on the Reddit /r/anarchism forum. They got very upset over this comic. I think they can be included in the Tumblr/Facebook crowd to some extent.

      “If Modern Anarchists Fought In Spain” is another good series by RednBlackSalamander.

      1. Yes, he has some good stuff. We posted his Modern Anarchists in Spain series. We also posted his lampooning of Suey Park attacking John Brown. His comic on the evolution of the American left is good too. You ought check out our polemic here:

        We are sick and tired of ineffective, silly bullshit that passes for revolutionary politics among some activist circles. It is totally a pretend revolutionism that comes from a very self-absorbed, privileged place. It is completely out of touch with the real struggles of the people. It is completely diversionary. It is often used by opportunists, self-promoters, and wreckers. People need to put aside their egos, put aside the bullshit, and get real. Revolution isn’t a dinner party.

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