Leading Light condemns the invasion of Gaza

aisraelLeading Light condemns the invasion of Gaza


All people of good conscience must condemn the brutal attack on Gaza by Israel. The recent escalation of violence is part of the continuous genocide inflicted on Palestine by Israel and its allies for over half a century. Millions of Palestinians have been killed and uprooted from their land. Israel has been able to carry out this genocide because of imperialist support. Aid from the United States to Israel is many billion dollars per year over the past decades. Israel is the top recipient of US military aid. This makes Israel dependent on imperialism. It also makes Israel a proxy force in the region. Israel uses its military muscle not only to advance its own interests, but also to advance the interests of its imperialist allies. Israel not only works to depopulate the Palestinians in order to make room for its settler population, Israel also works to undermine Arab, Iranian, and Third World unity in the region. Israel also props up and aligns with the most despotic regimes in their oppression of their own peoples. Israel is a racist apartheid state that serves the most reactionary forces in the region.

Israel is responsible for the recent escalation of violence in Gaza. There are numerous peace proposals on the table that Israel continues to sabotage. Israel’s strategy is to pretend to negotiate while it carries out continued theft of Palestinian land through continued settlement. Israel has no intention of seeking peace. Over the past few days, hundreds of Palestinians have been killed. Thousands have been wounded. Thousands of Palestinian homes destroyed. By contrast, very little property damage has been inflicted on Israel. Only one Israeli has died. This imbalance in suffering speaks to who is truly the aggressor in this situation: Israel. Israeli is currently sending tens of thousands of troops into Gaza in an attempt to further occupy the land.

All good people demand Israel withdraw and stop all attacks on Gaza. All good people demand peace. All good people demand justice for Palestine. All good people demand the end to the settlements. All good people demand an end to Israeli apartheid. All good people demand an end to the occupation of Palestinian lands. Refugees have the right to return. Leading Light stands with the suffering masses of Palestine. Stay strong. Endure. We will win.

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