[No way to verify this, but if true it shows a greater level of Western coordination than previously known --NP] (Source: Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MP Demir Celik stated in a press conference in Parliament that the majority of ISIS’ fighting force was formed of around two thousand Turkish Special Force officers, who in the... Continue Reading →


Syria condemns Turkey ‘aggression’ after jet downed

[More hypocrisy. The Western imperialists and their allies are directly and indirectly intervening in Syria. They have spread chaos across Syria, displacing and killing hundreds of thousands. Turkey has become a de facto base area for those seeking to spread chaos in Syria. -- NP] Syria condemns Turkey 'aggression' after jet downed Damascus (AFP) -... Continue Reading →

Turkish hacker group Redhack claims responsibility for all tweets about Gezi protests

[Activist hackers against capitalism -- NP] Turkish hacker group Redhack claims responsibility for all tweets about Gezi protests (Dailynews) Hacker group Redhack has claimed responsibility for all tweets that were posted about the Taksim Gezi Park protests after the government announced that an investigation into the matter had been launched. “The AKP [Justice and Development... Continue Reading →

Death toll rises in Syria

Death toll rises in Syria By Red Lion ( For over 20 months, Syria has been home to a brutal civil war that has the entire world watching. The UN estimates more than 60,000 people have died in Syria’s uprising and civil war. UN Human Rights researchers have gathered data for over five months and... Continue Reading →

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