US kills more Africans with drones

US kills more Africans with drones


According to a recent report:

“The Friday attack took place near Ras Kamboni town in the Badhaadhe district of Lower Juba region near the border with Kenya, a Press TV correspondent reported.

In a similar incident late on Thursday, a US done attack killed 22 in Kudhaa Island in southern Somalia near the border with Kenya.

Somalia is the sixth country where the US military has conducted drone strikes.

The US has deployed bombing and intelligence drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq and Yemen to launch aerial missile attacks.

Washington claims the airstrikes target militants, though most such attacks have resulted in civilian casualties. “

The United States is trying to strengthen its grip on Africa at the moment. The toppling of the Gaddafi regime was not an isolated incident. Gaddafi, whatever his flaws, was seeking to unite Africa so that Africa could better defend itself. He was a key player in the African Union. Obama’s regime has recently increased its activity in Somalia and also Sudan. Obama does not have the best interest of Africans at heart. He is an imperialist. Obama is a war president. Obama is guilty of war crimes.

It is also important to note the increasing use of drones as an instrument of imperialist policy. Drones are being used by the US in several conflicts right now. They are even being used on the Mexican border. The use of drones and airpower is a way to intervene at a distance. It is a way to engage in imperial war with little consequences in the court of imperial public opinion. In reality, the US is engaged in continuous war worldwide even though the US does not always put boots on the ground.

Leading Lights call for African and Third World unity against all imperialist intervention.

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