Rights groups urge India, Qatar action on migrant deaths

[Amnesty International is a bourgeois liberal organization that often does not distinguish between reactionary movements and freedom fighters. Even so, the situation for poor migrant workers in the wealthy Gulf states is terrible. -- NP] Rights groups urge India, Qatar action on migrant deaths (AFP) New Delhi  - India came under pressure Friday over the... Continue Reading →


Migrants break into Spain’s Melilla territory

[Imperialism imposes oppressive borders on the land. It is behind their borders and fences that the wealthy world enjoys its privilege and comfort. It is behind such walls that the elites manage their ongoing conquest and acquisition of the labor and resources of others. The Bourgeois World is mostly one of comfort and leisure when... Continue Reading →

Filipinos allege abuse in Saudi immigration crackdown

Filipinos allege abuse in Saudi immigration crackdownManila (AFP) - Thirty Filipino workers expelled from Saudi Arabia returned home Monday and alleged they were abused amid a crackdown on illegal migrants there.They were among an estimated 6,700 Filipino workers stranded in parts of the oil-rich Middle Eastern kingdom where an amnesty for undocumented foreigners ended over... Continue Reading →

Israel to build 300 units in Jewish settlement

[The Zionists continue their genocide against the Palestinians. So brazen is their attack against the Palestinians that even John Kerry has had to speak up, albeit softly. Israel is a racist Apartheid state with no interest in allowing a Palestinian homeland to exist. Israel's policy is "yap, yap; fight, fight." They yap about the possibilities... Continue Reading →

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