Migrants break into Spain’s Melilla territory

a071a68e28924c3fb85bd3ed10036dd9[Imperialism imposes oppressive borders on the land. It is behind their borders and fences that the wealthy world enjoys its privilege and comfort. It is behind such walls that the elites manage their ongoing conquest and acquisition of the labor and resources of others. The Bourgeois World is mostly one of comfort and leisure when compared to the Proletarian World where every day is a struggle to survive. The imperialist walls and borders should be dismantled by the masses. The wealth of the First World should be redistributed to the Third World. — NP]

Migrants break into Spain’s Melilla territory

Madrid (AFP) – Roughly 60 migrants entered Spain’s north African territory of Melilla on Wednesday after charging a barbed-wire border fence, officials said.

“At around 7:00am about 150 migrants launched an assault and we estimate that around 60 managed to enter. We are waiting to get more data and specific details,” a spokeswoman for Melilla town hall said.

About four hours earlier, another group of around 300 migrants tried to storm the border but no one managed to get in, she added.

In a bid to ward off migrants, Spain last year began to put barbed wire along Melilla’s 11-kilometre (seven-mile) border fence, drawing complaints from human rights groups.

Barbed wire had been used before in Melilla but was removed from the top of the border fence in 2006 after causing injuries to migrants as they tried to enter the territory illegally.

A would-be migrant died on November 5 when he fell while trying with 150 others to scale the border fence. Four others were injured in the attempt to enter Melilla.

About 3,000 migrants tried to scale the border fence between January 1 and September 17, compared to 1,610 during the same period last year, according to Spanish interior ministry figures.

Melilla and Ceuta, another Spanish territory on the north African coast, have the European Union’s only land borders with Africa. They are seen as stepping stones to Europe by African immigrants.

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