Libya deports hundreds of African immigrants-state news agency

Mideast Libya Falling To Pieces[The US and NATO-backed fake rebels who deposed Gaddafi in Libya are still attacking Africans there. The racist “rebels” were known for targeting and lynching the African population within Libya. One of the worst images to come out of the war was video of Africans who had been placed in Libyan zoos like animals while the racist “rebels” threatened their lives. Whatever its flaws, the Gaddafi regime was more internationalist and progressive than other bourgeois nationalist regimes. Gaddafi sent much aid to its African neighbors. He called for pan-African unity to strengthen Africa against imperialism. This was the main reason Gaddafi was toppled by the imperialists. As part of this, the racist “rebels” stirred up the worst kinds of racism. Anti-Gaddafi graffiti emphasized Gaddafi’s hair as non-Arab, but African. Despite the West promising liberty and democracy for Libya, they have delivered a broken state where armed gangs, many of them racist, content for power while the West steals Libya’s oil. Libya needs a real revolution to topple these rats. — NP]

Libya deports hundreds of African immigrants-state news agency

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – Libya has deported more than 500 African immigrants, state news agency Lana said, sending them to Niger as it tries to tackle an influx of refugees and Islamist militants.

Western powers fear Libya has become a safe haven for al Qaeda fighters as its government struggles to rein in militias and former rebels who helped topple Muammar Gaddafi two years ago.

Weak border controls and a small army lacking training and equipment have turned Libya into a weapons smuggling route for al Qaeda in sub-Saharan countries and a transit route for Islamist fighters heading to Syria’s civil war.

People traffickers also use the remote desert borders with Egypt, Sudan, Niger and Chad to smuggle refugees into Libya from where many try to reach Europe by boat.

Authorities deported 350 illegal immigrants from Niger and 208 from Chad via its remote al-Tum crossing to Niger, Lana reported late on Tuesday, citing a security official.

In total 4,875 illegal immigrants of various nationalities were being held in detention centers, the agency said.

Hundreds of illegal migrants have died in the past two months on their way from North Africa to Italy. Many set off in small boats from the Libyan coast which authorities struggle to monitor.

(Reporting by Ulf Laessing; Editing by Janet Lawrence)

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