Militias ordered out of Libya capital after deadly clashes

[Libya still is in chaos thanks to NATO imperialism -- NP] Militias ordered out of Libya capital after deadly clashes Tripoli (AFP) - Leaders from the Libyan port of Misrata have urged militias from the city to leave Tripoli within 72 hours, after they were involved in deadly weekend clashes in the capital. A militia... Continue Reading →


Libyan protesters call for armed militias to be disbanded

[After NATO and the Gulf states took out Gaddafi, Libya was thrown into chaos. There is no security for the people. They are at the mercy of dozens of armed gangs that fight each other and the people. All the better for the West to plunder Libya's oil wealth. Divide and conquer. Let's hope the... Continue Reading →

Christians say they were tortured in Libya

[The Western media beat the drums of war against Gaddafi. Now, it is reported that human rights are even worse in Libya since the Western-backed invasion of Libya. There are horrific abuses against black Africans and minorities in Libya. A weak, divided Libya is easier to exploit. -- CP] Christians say they were tortured in... Continue Reading →

A Global Crime Spree — What’s NATO Ever Done?

A Global Crime Spree What’s NATO Ever Done? by JOHN LaFORGE (Source: Counterpunch) Wondering why anyone would confront NATO’s summit in Chicago this month? A look at some of its more well-known crimes might spark some indignation. Desecration of corpses, indiscriminate attacks, bombing of allied troops, torture of prisoners and unaccountable drone war are a... Continue Reading →

Uphold the united front from attacks by fake leftists

Uphold the united front from attacks by fake leftists by cherokeetears ( There are those who say that it is acceptable to support imperialism on some occasions. This opportunism has plagued revolutionary politics since their inception. From the anarchists of Marx, to the social-imperialists of Lenin, and through the capitalist roaders of Mao’s China, every... Continue Reading →

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