Libya offers to pick up oil slack in case of war against Iran

Libya offers to pick up oil slack in case of war against Iran


The US, Israel, and the Gulf states are involved in a covert war against Iran and its close allies.  The US and its allies have already imposed sanctions against Iran to weaken its economy. Israel has said it would be willing to act militarily against Iran. The current efforts to topple the Assad regime in Syria, an Iranian ally, is part of this effort. Claims that the US is interested in human rights are completely false. After all, the US and its proxies have been supporting the brutal crackdowns against the protests in Bahrain. The US has also been bankrolling the genocide against the Palestinian people for decades. The US, Israel, and the Gulf states worry that Iran is emerging as a regional power capable of interfering with their interests. As the US prepares for war against Iran, the oil markets will be threatened. In the event of a war, Iran has the power to disrupt oil traffic in the Straight of Harmoz, which sees 20 percent of the world’s oil in danger. Oil prices could double. (1) This could drastically hurt the global capitalist economy, which is already in a state of recession and crisis. Recently, the new Libyan regime, along with Saudi Arabia, have stated that they can increase production in order to help the global economy in such a scenario. (2)

When the West began its campaign to topple the Gaddafi regime in Libya, many so-called leftists , “radicals,” and social-democrats, and other revisionists ran to cheer the effort. They cheered the US-supported regime changes, “color revolutions,” worldwide. Their regime in Libya is now in the pocket of the US and other Western imperialists, actively supporting the war against Syria and Iran. These social imperialists need to be held accountable for their acts. Just because someone claims to be a leftist, anarchist, socialist, or communist does not make them on the side of the global masses. Just because someone uses a Marx or Mao-flavored rhetoric does not make them an ally of the people. Revisionism is very real.




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  1. War is biblical al be it old tetmnseat I m not sure about Libya as I don’t believe the motivation for the war has anything to do with the people of Libya. In my opinion I don’t think UK and US would be as interested in freeing the Libyan people if Libya was not a oil producing country.No this is not a just war because the motivation is wrong. China has a huge problem with human rights but the West find it to big a gamble to interfere with it, not because they worry about the peoples well fare but because it would be economic suicide. The western governments don’t care about the people living oppressed lives they use it as a justification WHEN it suits them. But in the case of China it would not benefit the West in financial term so the people can stay living oppressed and frightened of doing or saying the wrong thing.

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