Muammar al-Gaddafi dead – What does this mean?

Muammar al-Gaddafi dead – What does this mean?

by modernmarxist


It has been reported that the NATO-supported “rebels” of the NTC have overrun Sirte (after repeated bombings of Sirte from NATO, of course) and captured Mummar al-Gaddafi. On the way to Misrata, it is reported that the Libyan leader has died of his wounds.(1) Pro-imperialist tri-color flags from the Kingdom of Libya era are flying to represent the coming return of the old Libya, a Libya which was one of the poorest countries in Africa until Gaddafi took power.(2) While flags alone rarely are able to describe the whole nature of a movement, it is clear that NATO’s involvement and the NTC’s willingness to work with the imperialists mean that this “revolution” is not one designed to prevent Libyans from becoming victims of oppression and exploitation.

Gaddafi certainly wasn’t a Leading Light Communist, but his record of anti-imperialism far outweighs his comprador aspect.  Gaddafi worked with many pan-Third World organizations and partnerships including SATO with Hugo Chavez, the Great Man-Made River which brought fresh water through parts of the Saharan, attempts at a unified Africa, attempts at pan-Arab unity including a movement to introduce a pan-Arab, pan-African, and pan-Islamic currency, the gold Dinar, that would have allowed for easier transaction between other Middle Eastern economies as those of the entire of Africa. This proposal would have irrevocably damaged imperialist economic recovery and the supremacy of their markets. Gaddafi also took decisive steps against the bourgeoisie in his country including nationalizing oil fields, and seizing key industries from the multinational corporations and imperialist powers that had previously exploited the country’s resources.

We should not allow ourselves to be fooled by pro-imperialist and imperialist-owned, sensationalist media reports.  The NTC couldn’t even take Sirte without NATO intervention. NATO was the deciding factor in these events.(3)  NATO directed the NTC, provided weapons for them, and thoroughly bombed areas which the NTC “rebels” were supposed to take control of, resulting in the deaths of many civilians.(4)(5)(6) It is no coincidence that Libya has the largest oil reserves in Africa,(7) and while there were times when Gaddafi’s anti-imperialism wavered and he acted as a comprador to benefit the imperialists, his comprador role was shaky at best and unreliable. In the end, he refused to bend to the will of the First World imperialists. MI6 threatened Gaddafi’s  generals with the First World’s message of “Obey us or die”.(8.) In typical imperialist fashion, the forces of NATO countries and those backed by NATO attempted to assassinate Gaddafi many times before.(9)

The First Worldists, especially the Trotskyists, have very clearly shown their true colors in this conflict.  They have acted like true social-imperialists, siding with NATO and the rebels instead of joining the broad United Front against imperialism.  Many self-proclaimed communists claimed that they supported the “Libyan people” in their struggle against Gaddafi, however there is no “Libyan movement” against Gaddafi without NATO airpower and support.  There would have been no victory without the assistance of NATO, who’s firepower made the assault on Tripoli possible.  There is no doubt that without the imperialists, Gaddafi would have never been defeated.  Therefore there is no option for “siding with the Libyan people” against Gaddafi, the people themselves have been divided on the issue.  The Trotskyists sided with the neoconservatives on this issue, Gaddafi’s blood is certainly on the hands of these “communists.”  The various groups battling over control of the country have their own tribal interests and will surely honor those interests rather than the interests of the Libyan people.  There is no excuse for communists to oppose Gaddafi and side with the imperialists.

NATO and the First World have much to gain upon Gaddafi’s death. Libya has oil, natural gas, and gypsum.(10) The NTC’s role in Gaddafi’s death was minimal. They were and still are merely NATO puppets on the world stage. Gaddafi will be sorely missed by the Libyan people…especially after the First World sucks their country dry for all it has.


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