Thanksgiving celebrates genocide

Thanksgiving celebrates genocide ( American society is based on genocide. The very land that the United States is on was stolen from indigenous peoples. Tens of millions were killed. Millions more were rounded up and put into prisoner of war camps that became reservations. Reservations were placed on the worst land. There the victims barely... Continue Reading →

Ancient Pyramid Destroyed in Peru as Developers Eye Land

[Capitalism destroys cultural treasures and replaces them with its stupidity. -- NP] Ancient Pyramid Destroyed in Peru as Developers Eye Land (globalvoices) This post, written by Jessica Mota, was originally published [pt] on 21 August 2013 by Brazilian investigative news organization Agência Pública as part of the series on #PatrimônioAmeaçado (Threatened Heritage, in Portuguese). It was four o'clock in... Continue Reading →

Guatemalan mine dispute militarizes region

[The Guatemalan military has long been trained and armed by the United States. An estimated 200,000 people were killed in the days when Guatemala was ruled by a CIA-backed, death-squad state. The same forces still rule Guatemala today. The poor, indigenous peoples have their rights trampled on by the comprador elites and their imperialist allies.... Continue Reading →

Deadly attack stokes Chile Mapuche conflict

[Indigenous peoples are still fighting colonization. Genocide since 1492... -- NP] Deadly attack stokes Chile Mapuche conflict VILCUN, Chile (AP) — The hooded men approached the ranch by night, scattering pamphlets about the death of a Mapuche Indian activist shot in the back by a policeman. The property belonged to an elderly couple who had... Continue Reading →

Guatemala top court overturns genocide conviction

[Bourgeois justice in action. Not even too little, too late. Zip. Nada.-- NP] Guatemala top court overturns genocide conviction GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — Guatemala's top court has thrown another curve into the genocide case of former dictator Efrain Rios Montt, overturning his conviction and ordering that the trial be taken back to the middle of... Continue Reading →

Guatemala cracks down on anti-mine protests

Guatemala cracks down on anti-mine protests GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — The Guatemalan government declared a state of emergency and banned public gatherings Thursday in four townships east of the capital following several days of violent clashes between police and anti-mining protesters. The confrontations, which included mine security guards, have left one policeman dead, six residents... Continue Reading →

Mexico demands Sotheby’s halt auction of artifacts

  [Imperialists loot the Third Word of its history. Adding more insult to injury.. -- NP] Mexico demands Sotheby's halt auction of artifacts By MARK STEVENSON (AP) MEXICO CITY (AP) — The Mexican government is demanding that Sotheby's auction house halt the planned sale of 51 pre-Columbian Mexican artifacts, arguing they are protected national historical... Continue Reading →

Guatemala judge postpones ex-general’s hearing

[Not only do the death squads and local military deserve punishment, the entire US military-intelligence-political establishment deserve punishment for their role in the establishment of death-squad states in Latin America amongst many other atrocities. -- NP] Guatemala judge postpones ex-general's hearing (AP) GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — A Guatemalan judge has again postponed a hearing to... Continue Reading →

Brazil: Indigenous squatters resist eviction

Brazil: Indigenous squatters resist eviction By JULIANA BARBASSA (AP) RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Police in riot gear surrounded a settlement of indigenous people next to Rio de Janeiro's storied Maracana stadium on Saturday, preparing to evict them as soon as an expected court order arrived. The site commander, police Lt. Alex Melo, explained officers... Continue Reading →

Chile: Couple dies defending home amid protests

[Class struggle is not always pretty. The reality of struggle can be much different than one imagines. Doing what is necessary is not always pretty.  -- New Power] Chile: Couple dies defending home amid protests By FEDERICO QUILODRAN (AP) SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — An elderly couple whose family's vast landholdings have long been targeted by... Continue Reading →

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