Thanksgiving celebrates genocide

nothankkksThanksgiving celebrates genocide


American society is based on genocide. The very land that the United States is on was stolen from indigenous peoples. Tens of millions were killed. Millions more were rounded up and put into prisoner of war camps that became reservations. Reservations were placed on the worst land. There the victims barely survived. America pretends this is ancient history, just as it pretends the slavery of Blacks in ancient history, just as it pretends imperialism is ancient history. Americans still reap the benefits of this genocide.

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  1. The USA truly is a beast as comandante Che said. How is this beat put down?

    It is not going to be done unless we create something real to take it down. We can talk all day about it or we can get real. I extend my warmest salute to you comrades who are really fighting the fight. Clenched-fist red salutes to all LLs!

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