Iran is Willing to Send More Fuel to Venezuela

[Iran has been and and is willing to continue to supply Venezuela with petrol. Both countries are under sanctions by the US, and as a result are struggling with various sectors of their economy including oil production despite having large oil reserves. Iran has leapt to the assistance of its international fellow, Venezuela. This act of solidarity comes at a time when the US military has escalated its presence in the Caribbean, demonstrating the commitment and bravery that is necessary to buck US imperialism. While there are legitimate criticisms to be made of both countries, the solidarity between Iran and Venezuela shows what internationalism can accomplish. Oppressed peoples must support each other to put an end to capitalism and imperialism. –Terryn]

1 June, 2020

Iran’s fuel shipment to Venezuela is in response to a number of legitimate international trade agreements.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi Monday announced the country’s willingness to send more ships with oil to Venezuela if the government of President Nicolas Maduro requests it.

“We will send more fuel if Venezuela needs it,” Mousavi said at a press conference.

Iran’s fuel shipment to Venezuela is in response to a number of legitimate international trade agreements, according to the Tasnim news agency.

The U.S. government has threatened to take action against these agreements.

Both countries have been subjected to several rounds of sanctions by Washington.

“The United States cannot tolerate two countries collaborating with each other. They are used to harassing and breaking the law,” Mousavi said.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced on Saturday a new gasoline distribution plan starting this June 1st that implies a rise in the price of gasoline.

Original Source: (teleSUR)

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