Banner Design Contest

newpower25.pngBanner Design Contest


Here is a way to to help the cause. New Power needs a new look. We need a new banner.  Here are some rules.

1. The banner must fit the top area of this blog currently occupied by the cropped Vietnamese propaganda poster.

2. It should say “New Power” and “News and analysis by the Leading Light” or something similar. For example it could say “new power” “news and commentary by the Leading Light Communist Organization” or “news and commentary by the LLCO”, etc. The text does not have to match this exactly, but you get the idea.

3. We should be diverse in our art. Our art should aim to inspire. We should not limit ourselves to “guerilla-ism” or historical themes. We should aim to be creative. We should not be a one trick pony in our art.

4. We would like to have more than one banner so that we could rotate them. Some of the banners can use people’s war as its theme, we should also aim to have banners that emphasize other aspects of our work. We would like to have a banners with preserving the Earth as its theme, educating the masses, etc. for example.

5. We seek to be forward looking in our banners. We hope to avoid banners that focus on past cults of personality.

6. Inclusion of the LLCO logo or development of a New Power logo should be considered.

7. Send submissions to

Good luck. Red Salute!

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