More Palestinian homes destroyed

A recent Russia Today report highlights further terrorism against the Palestinian people:

“A UN report warns Israel it may be in violation of international law after it cordoned off nearly a fifth of the West Bank for army training. Israeli forces are demolishing Palestinian homes and driving people off their land, saying they might spy on military drills.”

The Palestinian people face genocide every day. They have faced this slow-motion genocide for over half century. International law is a disgusting joke for the most part. The United States and its allies are allowed to mass murder with impunity. And when Third World people resist the mass murder on a genocidal scale by the imperialists, freedom fighters are denounced as terrorists. International law is only enforced when it serves imperialism. There are no real, permanent solutions in so-called international law. We must have the outlook of those on the Long March. This is a protracted struggle. More blood will have to be spilled. As hard a pill as this is to swallow, it is the truth. We wage war to end war. The way to win is global people’s war led by the most advanced revolutionary science, Leading Light Communism.

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  1. “International law is a disgusting joke for the most part”, what do you mean for the most part? Why do you refrain from saying that it is entirely a disgusting joke? When is it NOT a disgusting joke?

    1. The principle of international law itself is not a disgusting joke. A global socialist or communist order would surely have some kind of international law. International law in principle is not wrong. International law is a tool of the reactionary class order that currently governs the world. International law as it currently exists serves the First World, the global bourgeoisie, and their allies and agents. Also, it should be pointed out that occasionally it can serve the people’s cause to agitate around failures of truly applying international law, by appealing to the repeated treaty violations by the United States and Canada toward native peoples,etc.

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