US beating war drums: Mexico and Iran

US beating war drums: Mexico and Iran


A sensational story is being reported in the media. The FBI and DEA have claimed to foil a plot by Gholam Shakuri, an individual with alleged connections to the elite Iranian Quds Force. According to reports, Iranian agents operating in the United States were attempting to contact Mexican drug cartels in order to secure their help in blowing up the Saudi ambassador Adel Al-Jubeir. They also reportedly sought to supply the cartels with “tons of opium.”  US Attorney General Eric Holder held a press conference:

“High-up (Iranian) officials in those agencies … were responsible for this plot… I think one has to be concerned about the chilling nature of what the Iranian government attempted to do here.”

Iranian state television has rejected the accusations:

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has rejected U.S. accusations of the country plotting to assassinate the Saudi envoy to Washington as a prefabricated scenario.”

It is important to use common sense here. Even though Saudi Arabia and the United States, along with Israel, have been trying to prevent the growing regional power of Iran, the allegation against Iran has to be looked upon with great skepticism. Iran has little to gain from assassinating a single individual, especially an ambassador. Such a plot would be extremely risky. If the plot were uncovered, as it has been, it would  turn international opinion against Iran in diplomatic circles. It would also give the United States a reason to launch more attacks against Iran, especially Iran’s nuclear facilities. The United States and Israel have already been accused of targeting Iranian scientists. The discovery of “terrorism” on US soil would sway US public opinion for more military action against Iran.

We cannot say for sure whether Iran was involved or not, but this looks like elaborate psychological warfare. Not only does this elaborate plot stir up US public opinion against Iran, it also begins to lay the groundwork for linking the so-called “war on terror” to the so-called “war on drugs.” It begins to lay the basis for US intervention in Mexico if the situation in Mexico continues to degenerate. The United States is laying the groundwork for a possible intervention on Mexican soil. This may be the United States reacting to the possibility of the chaos of warlordism spreading into the United States. The United States may be preparing for this contingency. Another possibility is that the United States may have a direct hand in aiding the drug warlords in an attempt to break up and more easily control Mexico. We cannot say for sure. US predator drones are already operating on the border. In any case, it is important to note these trends.

Leading Lights oppose all imperialist intervention against Iran and Mexico.

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