US creates Fake Internet Profiles in order to Squash Dissent

US creates Fake Internet Profiles in order to Squash Dissent. by Cherokeetears


The US military has hired a company in California in order to create fake convincing internet profiles that will be easily monitored by officials in order to discourage alternate points of view.(1) The company will be able to create programs that allow officials to monitor up to ten profiles with convincing and elaborate backstories(ibid.). This will act as a tool of propaganda reliant of the concept of group think in order to influence mass opinion of the internet. What does this mean for Leading Lights?

First, it discredits the liberal concept of “people power.” Not only is this internet criminality, but it creates “sock-puppets” in order to reaffirm statements and make “non-conventional” opinions seem awkward, out of place, and unsupported. It works to create social maladies behind dissent. It silences disagreement among users, and utilizes groupthink to affect the opinions of users who may disagree.(2)

It also creates a question of security for comrades. Though for now it simply is used for the “sock-puppet” effect – squashing dissent through discussion – it could soon be used to intentionally infiltrate and sabotage groups of dissent within leftist and pseudo-leftist circles. It is increasingly important to avoid giving up security for these convincing façades: avoid pig questions, encourage solidarity with cadre, and reduce the possibility of infiltration.(3) We are living in the belly of the imperialist beast, and we must make sure that we aren’t discouraged by these acts of sabotage. This security cannot turn to fear, because paranoia is the best weapon of the imperialists, and has led to the destruction of many dissenting groups before.

If this is the what the government is willing to turn to, how much farther are they capable of going? They have the resources (from the Third World), and they have the motives (to increase the super-profits and retain the First World standard of living and hegemony). It is our job to be aware of these issues and prepare for them.

For more on security: see MIM’s reports on internet security


(1)NPR – “Report: U.S. Creates Fake Online Identities To Counter ‘Enemy Propaganda'”


(3)MIM on Security

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  1. We have to beware of infiltration. Pigs and wreckers used to pose as MIM leaders in order to discredit MIM. Sometimes fools, out of ego or sectarianism, end up doing cointelpro work without even knowing it. Some of these fools still populate the scene.

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