Clashes over mining in Peru lead to 23 arrests

Clashes over mining in Peru lead to 23 arrests Lima (AFP) - Police clashed with independent miners in the Peruvian capital Wednesday, spraying them with tear gas and arresting 23 after marchers who want in to a government mining plan hurled stones. Peru, where mining is the biggest growth industry, has an estimated 70,000 informal... Continue Reading →


Losses mount as South Africa faces biggest post-apartheid mine strike

[When the racist apartheid regime fell, there was no socialist revolution. Capitalism was retained in South Africa. The African masses remain exploited and oppressed. It is not enough to reform capitalism, to replace white capitalism with black capitalism. Revolution, all the way to Leading Light Communism, is the only solution. --NP] Losses mount as South... Continue Reading →

NY judge rules for Chevron in Ecuador case

[Capitalism is destroying our planet. Capitalism is depleting the planet's resources quicker than Earth can replenish them. Capitalism is a system based on greater and greater expansion. Capitalism cares nothing about the suffering of the masses nor the slow death of the Earth. Capitalism is about profit. It is about sacrificing humanity's long term interest... Continue Reading →

Group: Bangladesh workers threatened over union

Group: Bangladesh workers threatened over union (AP) DHAKA, Bangladesh  — A human rights group said Thursday that garment factory owners in Bangladesh have been intimidating and threatening workers who try to organize trade unions. The working conditions in Bangladesh garment factories are often harsh and unsafe. There have been a series of disasters highlighting the... Continue Reading →

Fire at Chinese shoe factory kills 16: Xinhua

[Capitalism means prosperity for the wealthy, for the Bourgeois World. For the poor, the Proletarian World, it means poverty and death. China's socialism went off course in the 1970s. China has long since restored capitalism. With capitalism comes tragedy for the workers and poor peoples of the world. -- NP] Fire at Chinese shoe factory... Continue Reading →

Cambodian workers battling for their rights

Cambodian workers battling for their rights (Al Jeezera) Phnom Penh, Cambodia - When volleys of rocks and bricks thrown between hundreds of rioting garment workers and police gave way to the sound of live ammunition, Sve Ka ducked for cover behind a large, plastic drink vendor's cooler on Veng Sreng Boulevard. "Cambodia's crazy!" the young woman... Continue Reading →

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