Paraguay paralyzed by anti-privatization strike

12-1eAeed.AuSt.55[Neoliberalist attacks on the public sector continue worldwide. The solution to the corporatization of the state and its functions is not reformism. Revolution is the real solution to neoliberal crimes against the people. —  NP]

Paraguay paralyzed by anti-privatization strike

ASUNCION, Paraguay (AP) — Public life in Paraguay was largely paralyzed on Wednesday by a nationwide strike against the privatization plans of President Horacio Cartes.

The strike stopped bus and taxi service and closed schools and most businesses in the South American country, union leader Aldo Snead said.

The unions want Cartes to roll back a law enabling private companies to invest in government infrastructure in exchange for owning concessions and charging fees. They also are demanding 25 percent pay raises and more access to credit for poor people to start their own small businesses.

Public Works Minister Ramon Jimenez said the public-private investment plan includes the international airport that serves Paraguay’s capital, state-owned water treatment plants and the construction of international toll roads linking Asuncion with Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. It also affects the agency that dredges the Paraguay river and keeps the landlocked country with a navigable outlet to the sea.

Cartes acknowledged that Paraguay’s workers have legitimate historic complaints, but has showed no signs of backing down. As crowds of strikers marched past closed storefronts, the president held his routine weekly meeting with armed forces leaders.

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