The Syrian Army encircles Aleppo City



Two days after an armored convoy of reinforcements entered the city of Aleppo, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) – in cooperation with the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Kata’eb Al-Ba’ath (Ba’ath Batallions) – captured the strategic Ratyan, Hardatineen, and Bashkawi Quarters from the militants of the Islamic Front (Jabhat Al-Islamiyya).

As of Tuesday morning, the Syrian Armed Forces are now in the process of encircling the Islamic Front militants entrenched inside the Shiekh Maqsoud Quarter of the city of Aleppo; this area is under the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

The Islamic Front has an agreement with the YPG to use the roads inside the Shiekh Maqsoud Quarter to resupply their embattled combatants inside the city of Aleppo. The SAA and YPG have clashed a number of times inside this predominately Kurdish Quarter; it is very likely that they will clash again.

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