We resolutely condemn the latest Israeli airstrikes and stand with Palestine

PalestineWe resolutely condemn the latest Israeli airstrikes and stand with Palestine


We resolutely condemn the latest Israeli airstrikes against the blockaded territory of Gaza in which at least 15 Palestinian civilians have been injured, including one woman and two children. At the same time, we recognize the right of AntiZionist forces to conduct an armed struggle against the occupation of Palestinian territories and the cruel blockade of Gaza, which has turned the Gaza Strip into a land of hunger, power-cuts and perpetual misery. The root problem in the land of Palestine is not “Palestinian terrorism”, as the Israeli occupiers allege, but imperialist occupation by the racist state of Israel of Palestinian lands. Israel is not the victim here but the aggressor, and has always been the aggressor since its founding in 1948. Israel is a colonialist settler state, undistinguishable from Rhodesia under Ian Smith and South Africa during the Apartheid. It is also by far the strongest power in the Middle East, with a nuclear arsenal of perhaps 300 warheads. There is no doubt Israel is an imperialist aggressor, there can be no doubt the armed struggle of the Palestinians is legitimate resistance to aggression.

Israeli occupers out of the Occupied Territories! Victory to the Palestinian Resistance!

Condamnam cu fermitate ultimele atacuri aeriene israeliene asupra Fasiei Gaza, teritoriu supus blocadei de catre imperialismul israelian, in care au fost raniti cel putin 15 civili palestinieni, intre care o femeie si doi copii. In acelasi timp noi recunoastem dreptul fortelor antisioniste de a desfasura o lupta armata impotriva ocupatiei israeliene a teritoriilor palestiniene si a cruntei blocade impotriva Fasiei Gaza, care a transformat acest teritoriu intr-un taram al foametei, penelor de curent si mizeriei perpetue. Adevarata problema in Palestina nu este “terorismul palestinian”, asa cum pretind ocupantii israelieni, ci ocupatia imperialista a pamantului palestinian de catre statul rasist Israel. Israelul nu este victima ci agresor, si a fost asa inca de la intemeierea sa in 1948. Israelul este un stat colonialist de coloni care ocupa pamanturile altora, identic cu Rhodesia din timpul lui Ian Smith si cu Africa de Sud din timpul Apartheidului. Este de asemenea de departe si cel mai puternic stat din Orientul Mijlociu, cu un arsenal nuclear posibil de pana la 300 de focoase. Nu incape indoiala ca Israelul este un agresor imperialist si ca lupta armata a poporului palestinian constituie rezistenta la opresiune.

Afara cu ocupantii israelieni din Teritoriile Ocupate! Victorie Rezistentei Palestiniene!

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