Dr. Shweta Pathak attacked by police

10525360_698156143590901_5888093404143649193_nDr. Shweta Pathak attacked by police


Dr. Shweta Pathak was attacked brutally by goons for opposing land grabbing of government land by some vested interests. An attempt was also made to rape the 33 year old doctor.

This happened in Buxar, Bihar where Dr. Pathak had been a candidate of the AAP in the recent Lok Sabha elections.

The Bihar state police, instead of nabbing the culprits who tried to commit a heinous crime in broad daylight, brutally beat her up at the police station. Dr Pathak, who had not even recovered from the trauma of attempted rape against her, went through hell again when the police in complete connivance with the relatives of the accused physically assaulted her, causing severe injuries to her neck, arms and legs.

Have any of you read about this in any major news media? We guess not. Why is the media silent? Isn’t it their responsibility to step in and bring incidents like these to light, when the state law and order machinery fails in its duties?

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