Group: Israel moving forward with settlement homes

white-washing-war-crimes_of_zionist_israel_by_america[Israel’s genocide against the Palestinians continues. As usual, little or no action from the international community to oppose the genocide of the Palestinian people. It is a genocide bankrolled by the USA and other Western powers. — NP]

Group: Israel moving forward with settlement homes

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel is pushing forward with plans to build more than 700 homes in a Jewish enclave of east Jerusalem, a settlement watchdog group said Wednesday, a development that adds another obstacle to the already stumbling talks with the Palestinians.

Hagit Ofran from Peace Now said Israel renewed a call for contractor bids on 708 homes in the Gilo area of east Jerusalem. Ofran questioned the timing of the tenders, which were originally published in November and renewed on Monday.

“I don’t see a reason to reissue the tenders now specifically,” she said, adding that it was done in order to “make problems” in the faltering Israeli-Palestinians negotiations.

Arik Ben Shimon, a spokesman for Israeli Housing Minister Uri Ariel, said the tenders were reissued because earlier calls for bids failed to attract contractors. He said the timing was unrelated to the talks…

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