U.S. assures Ukraine neighbor Moldova of support

dsc_0337-635x426[Moldova is currently at war with Transnistria. Moldova claims Transnistria as part of Moldova. However, the people of Transnistria have created their own state separate from Moldova. Transnistria has been able to secure its borders and beat back Western-backed Moldovan forces. In this conflict, Moldova is supported by the West, Transnistria’s independence is not recognized. Transnistria has embraced its Soviet past. It has chosen an independent course away from Moldova and the West. The US’s pledge of support, which is barely mentioned in the Reuters article, is really a threat against Transnistria. This further represents the double standard in the media. Western imperialism is perceived as natural and beneficial in the media, while the media reacts with hysteria to Russian imperialism. — NP]

U.S. assures Ukraine neighbor Moldova of support


WASHINGTON  – The United States on Monday assured Moldova of its continued support as it pursues a pro-European policy in the face of turmoil in its eastern neighbor Ukraine.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warmly praised visiting Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca, saying he was “leading a transformation” in Moldova.

Kerry promised extra funds for a program to help develop competitiveness as part of the plans by the former Soviet republic to transform its economy and secure closer links with the European Union.

Washington last week hosted the leader of Georgia to signal U.S. backing for states in the region which fear the fallout from the collapse of Ukraine’s pro-Moscow leader and from Russian steps to shore up its influence.

“I regret to say Russia, in some of the challenges that we are seeing right now in Ukraine, has put pressure on Moldova. There are challenges with respect to their energy sources and also their ability to trade,” Kerry told reporters before he and Leanca sat down for talks.

Leanca thanked Kerry for past U.S. support in building up democratic institutions.

“As we see right now in the region, there are some very negative developments unfolding. Therefore our determination to have a very active security cooperation and dialogue (with the United States) is there,” Leanca said.

The small country of 3.5 million people, one of Europe’s poorest, is like Ukraine, heavily indebted to Moscow for natural gas imports that help keep its economy afloat. As with Ukraine, Russia opposes Moldova’s efforts to build links with the European Union.

Leanca noted that Moldova had its own challenge dealing with Russia over the separatist Moldovan region of Transnistria, which broke with the central government after a brief war in 1992.

He also said Moldova was “very much in favor of (preserving) the territorial integrity of Ukraine,” and finding a peaceful solution in the country.

(Reporting by David Storey, editing by G Crosse)

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