Obama pledges $1 billion in loan guarantees for Jordan

us-imperialism-300x185[The Jordanian regime is in the pocket of the USA. The Jordanian regime is a running dog of the USA. It slavishly does what the USA commands. Here, the USA rewards its comprador puppet in Jordan, perhaps for its aid destabilizing Syria and bringing terrible misery to millions. More hypocrisy. The USA claims to be about democracy when it opposes a regime, as in Syria. However, there is little democratic about a monarchy. Yet the USA props up its puppet in Jordan. — NP]

Obama pledges $1 billion in loan guarantees for Jordan


RANCHO MIRAGE, California  – U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday pledged $1 billion in loan guarantees for Middle East ally Jordan and the renewal of a five-year aid package.

Obama made the announcement while meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah at a summit at a California retreat. Jordan, one of the United States’ closest allies in the Middle East, is a regional player in diplomatic efforts seeking peace in the turbulent region and is one of two Arab countries, the other being Egypt, that has signed a peace treaty with Israel.

(Reporting by Steve Holland; Writing by Mark Felsenthal; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)

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