Saudis allow some girls’ schools to offer sports


[Progress… The West supports the cause of Third World women when it suits their imperial policy. When it does not, the West does not care. The United States seeks to remove secular regimes in the Middle East that have made progress in the area of gender. The United States biggest allies in the Middle East are some of the most oppressive toward women, minorities, etc. The United States is about itself. — NP]

Saudis allow some girls’ schools to offer sports

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Saudi Arabia’s official press agency says private girls’ schools are now allowed to hold sports activities in the kingdom, “according to the rules of Shariah.”

Saudi Arabia follows an ultraconservative interpretation of Shariah, or Islamic law. It still prohibits sports lessons in government-run girls’ schools, and female sports clubs are banned.

The agency said Saturday the Education Ministry ordered private girls’ schools to provide appropriate places and equipment for sports. Students must adhere to “decent dress” codes and Saudi women teachers should be given priority in supervising.

The ministry said some private girls’ schools have been holding sports activities without rules protecting the interests of the students and their health.

Two Saudi females competed for the first time in last year’s Olympics wearing a modified veil agreed by Olympic officials.

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