Human rights violators cannot judge Iran: Christian MP

shamseddin20121201220022577Human rights violators cannot judge Iran: Christian MP


A Christian Iranian MP has said the UN resolution on the human rights situation in Iran was a political move and known violators of human rights are in no position to judge Iran.

“Every now and then, Western countries adopt such resolutions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, which are all based on political objectives,” Karen Khanlari, an MP representing the Armenian Christian community of northern Iran, said on Saturday.

Khanlari described human rights as a “global value” and denounced international organizations for using double standards in their evaluations of the human rights situation in various countries.

Ahmed Shaheed, the UN special rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran, presented his third report to the world body last week, in which he repeated his claims that there are human rights violations in the Islamic Republic and accused the Iranian government of discriminating against minority groups.

And on Tuesday, the Third Committee of the United Nations approved a non-binding resolution against Iran, with 83 countries voting in favor, 31 against, and 68 abstentions.

“The minorities recognized under the Constitution enjoy a favorable position and have representatives in the parliament,” Khanlari stated.

He also compared the situation of minorities in Iran with the situation of minorities in European and other countries, where religious groups and denominations do not have seats set aside in parliament for their representatives.

The Iranian MP said it is remarkable that the parliamentarian representatives of minorities in Iran have equal legislative powers.

The recent anti-Iranian draft resolution was initiated by Canada, which is widely criticized for its discrimination against indigenous people and immigrants.


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