Western countries could drown all of Bangladesh says Minister

Western countries could drown all of Bangladesh says Minister

In a recent statement, Environment and Forests Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud stated that  all of Bangladesh could drown underwater if global warming continues. At the seminar at National Press Club, he stated:

“There is, on average, two-kilometer thick ice layer in the Antarctica. If the ice layer melts due to global warming, the sea level will rise 72 meters and the whole of Bangladesh will go under seawater.”


“If the seal level will rise one meter by 2030, 17 percent of the country’s costal land will be inundated by seawater and 30 million people will be displaced.”

He stated that the number of ecological disasters has been increasing in recent years. This puts the future of all of Bangladesh in jeopardy. The poor of Bangladesh are especially at risk. A long history of imperialism, capitalism, and feudalism have forced the people of Bangladesh to live in dire poverty. Now those same forces threaten the entire future of the country itself.

The Minister went on to point out that there are winners and losers in the global economy:

“The western countries are historically responsible for global warming; so, they should come forward to help the climate vulnerable countries like Bangladesh to cope with the adverse impacts of climate change.”

However, the Minister’s words did not go far enough. The global capitalist system is one where a minority of countries in the First World benefit while the vast majority of people in the Third World suffer. The First World benefits while the Third World, including Bangladesh, suffer. Global capitalism-imperialism provides for the First World while it consigns the poor peoples of the Third World to exploitation and catastrophe. Capitalism is a system based on inequality. It is a system that puts profits ahead of people and the Earth. As long as capitalism exists, there will be poverty and ecological catastrophe. Capitalism is irrational from the standpoint of humanity and the Earth. Thus, if there is to ever be justice and peace, humanity must embrace another way. It must set out on the course of New Democracy, Socialism, and, ultimately, Communism. Follow the Leading Light to a better future. Revolution is the only solution.



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