Turkey, NATO, prepare for conventional war against Syria

Turkey, NATO, prepare for conventional war against Syria


The conflict in Syria between so-called “rebels” and the Assad regime is a proxy war. On the one side stands the United States, Europe, Israel, the Gulf states, and Turkey. On the other side stands the Assad regime in Syria and Iran. In addition, Russia and China have inserted themselves as mediators of a sort. Even though Russia has fulfilled weapons contracts initiated with the Assad regime prior to the uprising, they too have been highly critical of Assad. Russia has officially endorsed Kofi Annan’s transitional plan to replace the Baathist regime of Assad with a “national unity government.” Russia is in a bind. They do not want to lose a friendly regime or sour relations with Syria’s ally Iran, but to continue to support the Assad regime threatens their relations with many other powers that have a vested interest in the removal of Assad. This is why there have been so many mixed messages coming from Moscow regarding Syria.

Turkey is the main staging ground for the mercenary groups — paid by the Gulf states and the West — that are attacking the regime. The Turkish regime has established what amounts to base areas on the border for military attacks against Assad’s regime. Turkey also hosts those Western-backed politicians who constitute a new government waiting in the wings. The so-called “Friends of Syria,” foreign powers and their mercenaries who seek to remove Assad, have also been hosted by Turkey. Despite the attacks, the Assad regime appears able to remain in power for the time being. However, recently, a Turkish military plane was shot down after entering Syrian airspace. Turkey, a NATO member, is seeking to use the incident to further involve NATO. Turkey has asked for a no-fly zone in order to bring NATO air power to bear on Syria. Turkey’s military is now building up along the Syrian border.

The plots against Syria are part of a long-term effort by imperialists and their regional allies to weaken the rising power of Iran and its allies. Creating chaos in Syria is part of an effort to eliminate or weaken Iran’s main ally in the region. It also paves the way for a war again Iran, which stands as an obstacle to US designs on the region. Leading Lights and anti-imperialists oppose all attacks against Syria by the imperialists and their proxies. Hands off Syria! Hands of Iran!

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