The Pentagon’s First Worldist gender activism

The Pentagon’s First Worldist gender activism


First Worldist feminism and gender activism is intertwined with empire. First Worldist feminism and gender activism, like First Worldist activism as a whole, is about securing more privileges for the global bourgeoisie, the vast majority of First World peoples, at the expense of the vast majority of Third World peoples. Under the present system, expanding life options in the First World is connected to the restriction of life options in the Third World. Social-democratic gender liberation in the First World is only made possible by imperialist semi-feudal terror against women worldwide. First Worldist feminism and gender activism, as a whole, is social imperialism. It is about securing a better way of life for those in the belly of the beast, within the imperial context; it is about smoothing over contradictions among the class enemy. First Worldist feminism and gender activism is about making a happier empire. Contradictions that were once sharp in the First World have deadened. First Worldist gender liberation is part of the social-democratic peace bought and paid for by Third World peoples. First Worldist fascism comes in two varieties. There is the socially conservative fascism of the Nazis and there is the social fascism that disguises itself as “left,” “liberal,” “social-democratic,” “socialist,” “communist,” “feminist,” etc.  First Worldist feminism and gender activism is even used as a pretext to wage wars across the world, especially in places like Afghanistan. It is no accident that the Pentagon, the headquarters of Uncle Sam’s war machine, is now “celebrating diversity” and “Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Pride Month.”

The Leading Light is about ending all oppression, including all gender and sexual oppression. However, one does not fight gender oppression globally by creating a happier empire, by creating more privilege in the First World, by smoothing over contradictions among First World enemies. Unless such work is providing some service to the Leading Light such activism simply becomes another face of the system.

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