Israel wants airstrikes against Syria

Israel wants airstrikes against Syria

(Press TV)

The Israeli regime wants to “push the world, to push the international powers to launch airstrikes… against Syria,” said Maya Nasser, a Damascus-based political analyst, in an interview with Press TV on Monday.

The analyst made the comments two days after Ayoob Kara, a senior member of the Israeli Likud Party led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, claimed in an interview with Israel Radio that the Syrian government has used “chemical weapons against men, women, and children” during the past months of unrest in the country.

Nasser stated that the Israelis have been spreading rumors since the Syria unrest began in March 2011.

“This is not the first time they (Israelis) do this… The Syrian army is not using any chemical weapons or even heavy artillery weapons against civilians.”

Recent reports indicated that the armed groups fighting against the Syrian government have found access to and plan to use chemical weapons, acquired from Libya. According to a June 10 report by Russia Today, the armed rebels plan to use the chemical weapons against civilians and then attempt to blame Damascus for the atrocity.

Israeli President Shimon Peres on June 10 expressed support for the Syrian rebels.

“We have to understand the Israelis and the Western powers right now are not after any kind of reform in Syria. They are aiming to topple the Assad administration,” Nasser added, referring to the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

On June 3, Assad said in a televised address to the parliament that Syria is “facing a war from abroad.”

“Standing up against the conspiracy is not easy, but we will overcome the obstacles,” the Syrian president stated.


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