The Leading Light Has Always recognized the Statehood of Palestine

The Leading Light has always acknowledged the statehood of Palestine by cherokeetears


A UN vote on the statehood of Palestine will be held this month.(1) Not only will this vote pass the general assembly, but it is said that it will pass with a 190-2 vote, with the US and Israel being the only countries expected to vote against the statehood of Palestine. Though the United Nations is a lackey for the US and other imperialists, the overwhelming vote will be against the US and Israel, America’s crooked cop in the Middle East. World opinion, even in a body as biased as the UN, is against the imperialists in Palestine.

The Zionist occupation of Palestine that established the state of Israel has yielded nothing but pain for the people of Palestine. The war against this occupation has been a long struggle that the Palestinians have fought courageously. The Arab street has been supportive of their brothers in the Palestinian national struggle, and many groups within the Middle East have gone to war with Israel to show support for the sovereignty of the Palestinian people and opposition to imperialism and its disguise: Zionism. Groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, and al-Qaeda have previously shown support for the sovereignty of the Palestinian people, and states such as Syria, Iran, and Gaddafi’s Libya have denounced Israel for its crimes against the Palestinian people. However, this support has often been inconsistent and limited.

Crimes against the Palestinian people have included the use of chemical weaponry, biological warfare, and systemic oppression by the Israeli state against displaced Palestinians. (2) For many decades, an apartheid against the Palestinians has led to the systematic oppression of an entire ethnic population: a crime that has been denounced by almost every group outside of US political circles and Israel itself. (3) Not every Israeli supports this apartheid, and not every Jew supports Zionism. (4) Zionism is a view that is separate and distinct from Judaism, which is a tool used by the imperialists to justify crimes against humanity. Even so, most Israelis support Zionist policies because they benefit from them.

It is unlikely that this vote will mean much in the end. Hopefully, things will change this time; however, there are already dozens of votes, going back half a century or more, that condemn Israel’s actions against the Palestinians. Another one is unlikely to change anything on the ground. In reality, the vote is nothing more than an international community’s bleak attempt to oppose the US hegemony that it can’t control. The resolution will fall on deaf ears.  Israel will only react to this gesture with more violence. More genocide. More outrage.  The international community will voice impotent protests and make empty gestures. Even so, the vote is a public relations problem for Israel. The UN  acknowledges that Israel is occupying another member state’s land in yet another resolution.  At the same time, according to the vote, the Palestinians are only entitled  to  a small part of their land. Oppression of the rights of the Palestinian people will likely continue without UN response, but other countries — like Iran or Venezuela — that take a stance with Palestine will be further empowered to speak out and act out against Israel.

To protect its interests, the US is set to oppose the bid for the statehood of Palestine, an action both typical and predictable. If the US passes a veto in the Security Council, the country of Palestine will not come to fruition. However, in this case, the Palestinians will go to the General Assembly to seek a 2/3 majority, an action that they will use to pressure statehood against the wishes of the US. (6) Even without the US vote, Palestine will only need a majority vote in the UN General Assembly in order to be admitted to the UN as a “non-member state,” a designation that soon leads to admittance to the UN as a full member. Before the dissolution of the USSR, 75 states recognized the Palestine as a sovereign state.

Israel is based on imperialism, racism and violence.  Israel is a settler state based on the theft of Arab land, continuous wars and apartheid against the Arab peoples. Imperialists and their Zionists goons will continue to oppress and exploit until they are defeated everywhere.  National sovereignty for all Arab people without fear of foreign oppression is the only solution. A UN mandate will not secure that, but it may help empower the Palestinian people to continue to oppose imperialism. Palestine will not be free until Israel ceases to exist.  Palestine is not simply the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.  All of Zionist occupied Palestine, including the modern day apartheid “state of Israel,” belongs to the Palestinian people. The migration of Palestinians into the area will soon make them the majority in their occupied homeland for the first time since their displacement and the virtual ethnic cleansing enacted against the Palestinian people. Until the Zionists are forced from the Middle East, the Palestinian people will never be completely free. Until the US and its lackeys are expelled from the area, the Arab people’s will not be free. Zionism is the strong arm of US imperialism in the Middle East, and by eliminating the Zionists from the region, we remove the US’s strongest ally in the Middle East. The realization of the Palestinian state, and the expulsion of the Zionists from occupied Palestine is one of the first steps to eliminating imperialism in the Middle East.

The Leading Light Communist Organization has always recognized the self-determination of Palestine.  Leading Lights around the world actively oppose imperialism in all forms. Leading Lights support the end of all oppression, including national oppression, racism, and apartheid.  This is what makes the Leading Light Communist Organization the real arm of the people. We oppose all forms of imperialism, including Zionism. We oppose all oppression. No one is free until everyone is free.








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  1. Israel (as it is a puppet state of US imperialism on one hand and a racist, genocidal apartheid state on the other) must be smashed and dismantled if there is to be any peace in the region.

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