Banksy reminds the world that Steve Jobs was a son of a Syrian migrant

[Whatever one may think of Steve Jobs, it is important to remind people of the many contributions migrants have made to human society. It is important oppose the xenophobia and racism of people like Donald Trump. - NP] Banksy reminds the world that Steve Jobs was a son of a Syrian migrant ( World-famous street... Continue Reading →

Islamic State is building a ‘retreat zone’ in Libya with 3000 fighters, say UN experts

[The Islamic State's momentum is waning. ISIS is a movement that was, in part, created by Empire. If IS is defeated in Syria and Iraq, IS will retreat mostly to Libya, where the West helped create a safe haven for Frakenstein extremism by toppling Gaddafi. By removing Gaddafi, the West laid the basis for the... Continue Reading →

Key events in a month of Turkish unrest

[This is a compilation of recent events that are shaping the current situation in Turkey and Kurdistan. -Uziel] Istanbul (AFP) - Eight Turkish soldiers were killed in an attack on Wednesday and militants in Istanbul launched an attack on the palace housing the prime minister's offices. Here are the main developments since a huge attack... Continue Reading →

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