Dr. Shweta Pathak attacked by police

Dr. Shweta Pathak attacked by police (logicalindian) Dr. Shweta Pathak was attacked brutally by goons for opposing land grabbing of government land by some vested interests. An attempt was also made to rape the 33 year old doctor. This happened in Buxar, Bihar where Dr. Pathak had been a candidate of the AAP in the... Continue Reading →

Bangla Zone: intimidation and terror

Bangla Zone: intimidation and terror (llco.org) Recently, a state terror has descended against the revolutionary and other people’s forces in the Bangla Zone. Following India, the state of Bangladesh has been orchestrating a campaign of terror and intimidations. Around May 27, there was the fake encounter in Jessohar district that resulted in the death of... Continue Reading →

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