Too poor to pay, Chinese farmer saws off diseased leg

[Capitalism in China reverses the gains of socialist medicine. --NP] Too poor to pay, Chinese farmer saws off diseased leg (USAToday) BEIJING – Unable to afford hospital fees to treat or amputate his diseased right leg, one Chinese farmer chose a drastic self-remedy. Clenching a wooden back scratcher between his teeth, Zheng Yanling, 47, took... Continue Reading →


U.S., China agree to restart investment treaty talks

[Despite disputes, two of the biggest capitalist countries in the world vow to work together. The only thing "red" about China is its past, of which its flag is a part. Let us hope real Leading Lights arise in China to throw off the reactionary rule of the capitalist regime. Long Live the real Communist... Continue Reading →

Chinese state quashes leftist websites

Chinese state quashes leftist websites ( China abandoned its revolutionary principles in the 1970s. China has long since reverted back to capitalism. Recently, the Chinese state has attacked several leftist and Maoist websites in order to quash political dissent. There has been a growing revival of revolutionary ideas in China.  This is yet more evidence... Continue Reading →

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