Fire at Chinese shoe factory kills 16: Xinhua

[Capitalism means prosperity for the wealthy, for the Bourgeois World. For the poor, the Proletarian World, it means poverty and death. China's socialism went off course in the 1970s. China has long since restored capitalism. With capitalism comes tragedy for the workers and poor peoples of the world. -- NP] Fire at Chinese shoe factory... Continue Reading →

U.S. offers help to South East Asia, most to Vietnam, to patrol seas

[The US imperialists are seeking to reassert their power in South Asia. They are working more closely with the revisionist fake-communist regime of Vietnam. It is only a few decades since the people's war in Vietnam ousted the imperialists, now the revisionists have let them come back. -- NP] U.S. offers help to South East... Continue Reading →

Chinese state quashes leftist websites

Chinese state quashes leftist websites ( China abandoned its revolutionary principles in the 1970s. China has long since reverted back to capitalism. Recently, the Chinese state has attacked several leftist and Maoist websites in order to quash political dissent. There has been a growing revival of revolutionary ideas in China.  This is yet more evidence... Continue Reading →

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