Firebomb attacks kill two in worsening Bangladesh unrest over vote

[Brutal violence against ordinary working people, ordinary Muslims by those who have twisted the religion to serve dark-age barbarism.  We must oppose those who would impose a dark-age religious tyranny to help Empire crush our people. --NP] (Reuters) - Two people died in bomb attacks in Bangladesh on Friday, raising the death toll to at... Continue Reading →

At the coal face: Mineral processing factory in Bangladesh where the women do all the hard work

( A photo essay of the tremendous oppression of women in Bangladesh, where capitalism intersects with patriarchy: Dusty days work: The women at the coal processing plant in Munshiganj, Bangladesh, sort through the waste coal using a giant sieve : Still smiling: Despite working long hours doing back breaking work, this coal worker happily offers... Continue Reading →

Group: Bangladesh workers threatened over union

Group: Bangladesh workers threatened over union (AP) DHAKA, Bangladesh  — A human rights group said Thursday that garment factory owners in Bangladesh have been intimidating and threatening workers who try to organize trade unions. The working conditions in Bangladesh garment factories are often harsh and unsafe. There have been a series of disasters highlighting the... Continue Reading →

Bangladesh workers set fire to their factory

[Bangladesh workers are treated like slaves under capitalism. They work long hours in terrible, dangerous conditions for little pay. They produce for the First World. The answer is revolution. -- NP] Bangladesh workers set fire to their factory (AP) DHAKA: Hundreds of Bangladeshi garment workers set fire to their factory on Wednesday to demand a... Continue Reading →

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