About New Power

Leading Light Communism is the fourth and most advanced stage of revolutionary science. Leading Lights all over the world are picking up the red banner to further the International Communist Movement even more than has ever been done. It is because of the advanced and scientific line of Leading Light Communism, that it is important to have regular commentary on current events, as well as constructive discussion between comrades on these current events. It is through this constant commentary and dialogue that criticism is brought out, and the line is strengthened. So, the New Power blog is for us to make ourselves better revolutionaries. Read the daily article, post, video, etc. and leave your opinion. Tell us what you think, keep comrades accountable for the line. It’s an important part of growing together. Make sure you comment. It is so important to hear from you! Your thoughts matter. Fight against the First World! Fight with the Third World! Uphold Leading Light Communism! Long Live the Leading Lights! Long Live LLCO!